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A priority is placed on making sure all discarded items are donated or recycled. At the end of each project, Thistle be Simple will take all donated items to the charity of the client's choice and provide the client with a detailed donation log.


As a working mom, my closet was stuffed – with career clothes, weekend clothes, and the occasional night out clothes; but also old clothes and accessories. I’d tried to tame the mess but never seemed to make a dent. Thistle Be Simple effectively and efficiently assisted me to systematically review each item so I felt like I could appreciate what comprised a feasible “wardrobe” instead of a collection of pieces. Surprisingly I found some forgotten gems too! Now I do have more room, but more importantly, a more organized clothing situation. Somehow, with fewer pieces, I seem to have more and better options. Highly recommend!    - S.H.


I called Thistle be Simple to help me when I realized that the mess in my closets was beyond what I could fix myself. At first I was embarrassed for anyone to see, but Emily immediately put me at ease. We sorted out clothes and shoes and the other stuff that had ended up there. My closets are small so it really required talent to make it all work. Emily gave me great guidance for what to keep and what to pitch. She organized my closet so that it was pretty to look at when I opened the doors. She made this horrible task fun. And as a final treat, she took all the stuff to Goodwill after having made a list of what was being donated so that I was already for my taxes. I slept well that night and love the calmness that an organized room can bring.     - M.S.


It always seems to take a lot of effort to be organized which is why I finally called Emily at Thistle Be Simple to provide some much needed help with my closet. As I am a near hoarder of old clothes, Emily efficiently and gently guided me through the process of decluttering and selecting what to keep and what to throw away. I was really impressed that not only did my closet look clean, orderly and efficiently laid out when we finished, but now two months later it still looks great and organized and it doesn’t take any effort to keep it that way. When we were done Emily also took all my old clothes to Goodwill and provided me with the receipt for the donation. Great service!
- M. H.